Augusts Supermoon and Bluemoon

Published on 27 August 2023 at 00:00

Many Celestial occurrences have happened this month including meteor showers!!  The next Celestial event happens as we get ready to exit August in a very unique event known as A Blue Moon!!   This is in reference to having two Full Moons in one month.  This is also the second Super Moon in the same month, how cool is that!!?  What can we expect with this Big Beautiful event?? Come closer and I will tell you. This means that the Moon's orbit is closest to the Earth at the same time the Moon is full.  Super moons are about 16% brighter than the average moon.  Keep telescopes handy we should be seeing Saturn near the Moon as it rises, as well as the bright start of Jupiter!  If you plan to do some mediation with this event, I have some Crystals suggestions: Clear Quartz to heighten your energy. Moonstone for direction and purpose. Aquamarine for communication and Lapis Lazuli for calming energy and enhance wisdom.  Feel free to add any other favorite Crystal(s) to join you.  We are in for a great treat in the skies of August!!! 

Blessings Heidi and Jane






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