The importance of the Little Things in Life

Published on 20 July 2023 at 06:00
Flowers, coffee and merangue cookies.

You hear quite often the expression, enjoy the little things.  While most of us have an idea of what it means, I am giddy to dive into it a bit more.

Often we strive to make the big moments happen in our lives. Examples would be, getting the promotion you have worked hard for,  that vacation you are so very excited to start!!  Getting married, or starting college!!  All of these moments should be something to savor and enjoy!

But after these big moments start and or finish, we are kind of looking for the next big moment, to give us that boost of excitement and anticipation.  I want to say that instead of looking for that next big moment, lets take some time to enjoy the "little things"  in between.   

There is an article that I have a link to share that tells you about the 7 Strategies to Enjoy the Little Things in Life.  It is so simple and flawless that all of us can do this.  You can incorporate any of these ideas anytime of day or night with only a bit of effort.  

"Happiness is a state that is very often dependent upon what is happening around you. It often requires a big event and it wanes once it’s over. Joy, on the other hand, is an internal feeling of satisfaction or contentment even in the midst of a bad time. 

"It is a feeling that, at least at that moment, there is good in the world. This feeling can be felt many times throughout the day, regardless of what is going on."  

I have put these quotes from the article here as a guide to the difference between the Big moments and the Little moments.  Each are important.  But the lasting effects of looking for the "little moments" will help your health and well being in an extremely positive way, and that was really the moment I decided to share this piece with all of you!!  The article is not very long and the benefits you get from it are all something we can enjoy!  

Blessings, Heidi and Jane

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