Scaring you Silly for Halloween!!

Published on 12 October 2023 at 15:07

Ok, so last week we introduced you to the scary part of Hollywood and their take on the "haunting season."  Now it's time to go back just a little further with some movies whose sole purpose was to "Scare You Silly!"

The first being, the Marx Brothers  "The Night at the Opera."   Where they take on high society in a fanciful Halloween scare fest!  While attempting to bring together their favorite couple, the Marx Brothers turn a haunted opera house upside down  by inadvertently scaring the real ghost at every turn.  Their crazy antics were aided by an excellent sound track and an incredibly well-know cast.  It will keep you in suspense and laughter till the very end.


Next comes "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"!!  I loved watching them as a kid!!   Abbott and Costello worked exceptionally with each other.  Their slap-stick brand of comedy gave this frightening take on horror a great way to escape with laughter!!  Included in this movie is Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and if you listen closely you can hear the voice of Vincent Price as the the Invisible Man, (a movie bit for which he received absolutely no credit for!!)  This is a film that delivers frights and delights till the very end.

And finally, not to forget "The House of the Long Shadows"!!  This is a story of an author, played by Desi Arnez Jr., who bets his publisher $20,000 he can write a novel to rival Wuthering Heights.  To win the bet and be inspired, he  spends 24 hours in a Welsh manor.  And yes, it does start out with "a dark and stormy night."  This movie brings together the best of Hollywood's scare team which include Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and the indominable John Carradine!!   Ok, so how does this film translate into light hearted and funny??  Well, that's a secret, ( no spoilers here!!)  These movies were made for pure enjoyment and escape.  So do just that, grab your popcorn a comfy chair and turn out the lights and prepared to be "Scared Silly!!" 

These are just a few of the films with this lighthearted theme.  But which ever ones you choose, don't forget to share your favorites with us!!   Have a wonderful Halloween Season!!

Blessings, Heidi and Jane

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8 months ago

I remember these!!!! Played on TV either late night or as part of Saturday's Creature Features.... Watched them many times and believe it or not they are still as good as when I first saw them...... If you haven't seen The House of the Long Shadows make it a point to.....The ending will get ya every time!!!!!