Fall Equinox

Published on 23 September 2023 at 00:00


As a New Englander, I enjoy experiencing all four seasons.  But I admit I love Fall the most, and today the 22nd of September is the transition from Summer Season to Fall.  I get inspired with all that comes with the Fall Equinox.  

I think getting the house ready with deep oranges and yellow decorations, setting up lights on the porch, day trips to pick up mums and pumpkins. Apple pie and cider!!

This is also a time for gathering in your garden, to getting back to basics and canning, harvest some seeds for next year. Do your list(s) of items to have on hand and perhaps adding a bit extra for "just in case".  Jane and I have mentioned in our Aventurine Psychics videos, on YouTube, the need to think ahead and what you need to prep for both your home and pantry.  Winter might be a bit more harsh in some states, and we want to make sure we as well as our neighbors are not struggling to get what they need.

With that being said there are also many ways to enjoy and do something different to celebrate the Fall Equinox. 

I came across an article for really enjoying this event with family and friends and honestly this is a great idea for any seasonal launch!!  https://www.countryliving.com/entertaining/a44938438/fall-equinox-rituals-activities/.

The ideas are amazing and very little to no strain on your budget.  Best of all the ideas are very flexible and open to interpretation based upon what you would like to do.  So no stress!!  

I have also added some folklore and history for you to enjoy and the link is right below!!  Enjoy the history and magic of the Scarecrow!!  The Vine Gods and the Apple Goddess!! There are traditions that have been handed down and still enjoyed today!! 

Whether you call it Mabon or the Fall Equinox, this is a time of Giving Thanks to all that the Earth has given you.



Blessings Heidi and Jane


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